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Powerful Trading Systems for manual or automatic trading on Futures such as miniS&P500, miniNASDAQ, DAX, EUROSTOXX, EURFX,  FTSEMIB etc...).

Buy & Sell signals generated by our Trading Systems can be received:

  • on the web pages of our  Virtual rading Room
  • by means of our proprietary software AutoClik  (next box beside) 

  • Buy/Sell signals can be executed: 

  • Manually
  • received Buy/Sell signal are executed manualle by the final user on its usual TOL platform.
  • Automatically
  • signals are placed autonatically by our software AutoClik installed the PC of the User..
  • Assisted hand free trading
  • User has nothing to do since signals are executed by a third party operator on the User Account.
    Using our  software  AutoClik. you can receive operating Buy/Sell signals :
  • from TradeStation 2000i ; 
  • from Metastock;
  • from Excel 
  • from our Virtual Trading Room of this web site ...

  • and to have them executed automatically on your TOL platform  such as: 

  • JTrader ; Strategy Runner, Xtrader, Metatrader, Transact 
  • and any other TOL platform you may prefer.

  • In addition AutoClik allows you to distribute your buy/sell signals. 
    You may be interested in selling your  buy/sell signals either manual discretionary signals or automatic signals generated by your own Trading Systems.
    Now with Autoclik your friends/Clients will receive your signals and have them executed on their PC.

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